Nordic Places was launched by Sandra & Helene in August 2015. Working in the photography industry they quickly saw a need for a personal boutique location agency that focused on helping clients with great locations around the nordic countries.
Nordic Places is your partner in crime in finding the perfect place for either a photoshoot, filming or other events – we can help with everything from the right location to items, gear and food on set.

We can understand and/or speak most of the nordic languages. Try us! 🙂

Sandra is a internationally acclaimed photographer shooting for high end brands and magazines around the world and know the ins and outs of the industry.

She just is a happy outgoing person with a softspot for exotic and warm places, dancehall and cute glass vases.

Helene is a highly accomplished business consultant and an incredible organiser. There is not a thing that Helene can not put in order and make sure works like clockwork.

When she is not working you will most likely find her with a glass of red wine in one hand and her Coton de Tulear dog in the other.